Connect to Your Food and Learn How to Garden

Gardening has always been an activity that I have loved to do since the time I was a child.

I can  remember helping my dad outside in his garden where he would teach me about planting, weeding, watering and what it takes to maintain a garden. It always felt natural to me and I especially remember his vegetable garden.

As a toddler I admired the beauty of flowers in my dads garden.

As a toddler I admired the beauty of flowers in my dads garden.

I felt connected to the food as I saw it in the garden and then later on my plate, I absolutely loved the strawberry plants and the flavourful fruits. 

The human race has been growing quickly over the past century and we are hearing about natural resources being depleted and used up beyond the capacity to renewal.

Globally, there are terrible practices of monoculture farming, misallocation of food and natural resources, hoarding, wasting, land and animal raping to name a few. In addition, I feel huge alarm bells that go off when one mentions food security.

When one goes to the grocery store they would not think that there is any sort of global food problem and there seems to be an abundance of food everywhere you look. However, do any of the people milling around the grocery store stop to think about where all of that food came from?

How far has it travelled?

What pesticides were sprayed on the food while it was growing to kill off insects and birds so that the humans can enjoy the food instead?

How many natural habitats were plowed down to make these mono-food growing crops for human consumption?

The Chance to Help Humanity

I feel that in Canada what I see is people becoming more and more disconnected from the food that they eat, I know I did. As we seem to be consuming more in our busy lives our idea’s with where the food is came from is diminishing.

In recent years, I have realized that I want to be re-establish my connection to food by learning about how to cultivate the land.

This is me showing kids how to transplant

This is me showing kids how to transplant

When life  plunked me in the lovely town of Tofino towards the end of 2016 it wasn’t long after my relocation that there was a job advertisement for the role of the elementary school garden coordinator. I immediately knew that this role was meant for me and pursued interest in the position.

Imagine if more of us in Canada we exposed to growing food? Wouldn't it only make sense that to learn about growing food would be the best way to regain our connection to the food we eat? The idea that I could have the chance to be a part of this felt so right in my heart. To me, it is the chance to help humanity and our collective consciousness. 

I was hired by a not for profit community group who would pay for me to organize and coordinate the activities in the garden as well as maintain the gardens growth.

It has been almost a year that I have been in the position and I am making sure to be gentle with myself as I figure out how to organize a program. I have been so far, focusing on getting to know who all the stakeholders are, the logistics of everything and of course figuring out the best plants to grow with the kids.

Many things I have so far tried have went well and I feel completely on the upward slope of configuring a successful garden. I completely enjoy every moment I am out in the garden with the kids and it is a very rewarding and enriching experience for everyone involved.

The garden program is still in its early stages and lots of room for growth is always apparent. At this time I am happy to say that there is a compost program, weekly recess gardening drop in and I am working on getting some classrooms outside to guide them how to grow food while relating it to the curriculum.

I envision gardening programs getting added to the BC curriculum but for now I am very greatful for the organization that hired me and to join in their efforts to bring people in closer connection to local food.

It is my goal to try to educate the kids I work with to have a think about where their food came from and the effort that went into growing the food they eat. I really feel that if we can connect youth to growing food and restablish the importance of nutritiously grown food then there is more of a chance that this world will see a better future.

I plan on sharing all that I am learning here on my blog which will also include gardening tips and tricks. Please check back soon or join my email list to get the latest updates!

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