Ultimate Green Drink - Moringa & Spirulina

Starting my day off with a little mix up of Spirulina and Moringa shaken in water has got me feeling energized! This green drink is so damn good that I felt I just had to write about it. 

Simple Morning Green Drink - Spirulina and Moringa

I'm an advocate for getting people (like you) in the know about amazing nourishment for their body. This nourishing beverage may not appeal to you right away so please bear with me and I'm sure you will want to start trying it for yourself.

It is perfect if you like to do some cardiovascular activity in the morning but don't want to have a full stomach while you do it.

Or for after your workout or outdoor activity to help you re-hydrate and fuel without eating a bunch of filler that only helps you get only a short term energy gain.

Entering the world of Spirulina changed me. It opened me up to the possibility of feeling replenished and fueled off of liquid. Once I learned about Moringa and started mixing the two for my morning or afternoon boost I realized I had found myself the ultimate green drink.

I've finally found a fuel that replenish's me while on the go and is ridiculously easy. What is it? I will get to that right quick don't worry, just want to tell you a bit more about my routine.

Ultimate Green Drink - Spirulina and Moringa

What I do is fill a jar with water, drop a tablespoon or two of spirulina on top and then half a teaspoon of moringa. I screw on a lid, shake it up and Bam! there we go. Nourishment for my body.

I drink it all back, fill the jar with a bit of water to clean out all remains of the greens (believe me you don't want to waste this stuff) screw on the lid, shake it back up and drink it down.

There is no need to rush your intake, if you are more comfortable sipping it back instead of slamming it down try that. Lot's of folks will capsule it as well to get the benefits. I really enjoy the green drink though as it helps me to hydrate at the same time.

To be honest, this is kind of icky to some but I actually REALLY like the taste of the drink. This tells me my body legitimately needs it.

Both Spirulina and Moringa have so many amazing qualites to them which are definetely worth researching. Spirulina contains calcium, niacin, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and iron and essential amino acids.

Moringa Leaf is the Ultimate Candida Fighter!

Moringa is packed with nutrients including a ridiculous amount of vitamin c, even more then oranges do! It also contains natural antimicrobrial properties which translates into it being the ULTIMATE candida balancer as well as useful for killing a whole bunch of virus's.

So what the f**k are they you ask?

Spirulina is a blue green algae while moringa is a leaf from a tree!

Spirulina and Moringa in water. Shake up!

Yea I know, algae?! GROSS! TRUST me though, this algae is so dang good. Try to consume it for 21 days straight and feel your body communicate its glee to you.

Spirulina first came into my life when a friend suggested I try E3 live. This is TRULY amazing and the very second you put the liquid to your lips you can feel your vitality improiving. It is SERIOUSLY magical. Have a hangover? Tired because you were dancing your pants off all night long? drink some E3 Live to help you pounce back on the dance floor or get to work whichever you need.

I kind of forgot about Spirulina until I was doing a hardcore cleanse a few years later. Spirulina is a suggested aid for people with digestive issues and it promotes "the growth of healthy bacterial flora in the intestines, which in turn inhibits candida from thriving." 

Speaking of candida, I am 100% sure that this beautiful leaf was the final boost my body needed when I was struggling to balance my candida overgrowth.

Moringa Leaf

In Canada I get my moringa dried but while in Indonesia and Philippines I was eating the plant raw and cooked. It was so absolutely delicious and I am planning to grow it here in Canada. I am sure I can grow it, even if it means keeping it on my warm windowsil or finding it a home in a warm green house.

I'll figure it out. 

And when I do, I'll write about it!


Thanks for reading ♡

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