How to Grow a Garden - Introducing Video Tutorials

What stops you from getting into your garden? Many folks would admit that it is because they do not know how. What if you could learn how to garden and that it can be easy, then would you get out there?


“Go Grow a Garden” is a series of gardening videos where you can learn how to grow organic food from your home inexpensively. I have been thinking about creating concept for a while and now I am putting it into action. I will admit, this first video I came up with was filmed quickly while I was working for a client. There are many ways to improve but we all need to start somewhere!

Early Season Garden Bed

The goal is to get the information to people like YOU who want to get gardening but have never been taught how. I really want to inspire people to get into growing food, even if it’s just a little green goodness on your window sill.

I have a passion for this earth we share and I realize it’s in trouble. If all of us can take small steps towards reducing the damage we have been creating as human beings, I believe we can heal this plant.

My theory is that, if everyone started to grow their own food, they would purchase less imported produce which would translate to less pollution. I’m not the only one with this theory either, check out this article by One Green Planet.

In addition to reducing pollution I also feel that if more people grew food, they would have a better understanding and appreciation for freshly sourced organic food.

With this appreciation folks will feel ok with paying a little more for organic produce when they are shopping at the grocery store or local market.

Sounds simple right? I think so too!

So here I am inviting you to come along with me as I take the journey towards healing our earth and my own body. Because eating fresh from the garden is the best fuel!

I am a certified Organic Master Gardener and I am learning as a go. I have a passion for plants and I LOVE to learn. Gardening and growing food is in my blood and I feel it is in yours too!

Like I said This is video #1 but my plan is to create many more!

Are you ready?

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