Ultimate Guide: How to Plan a School Garden

Are you wondering how to get a successful elementary school garden going? This article is a summary of the Guide I wrote to help people understand how it can be done. Do you want the full guide? Please contact me and I will send you your FREE copy.

There are so many resources, key players, tasks, and actions that need to come together in the formation of a school garden. It is a very rewarding experience to embark on!

Step 1: Gain Support

Garden Program Step One - Support

Before you begin to put your program in place, you will need to make sure you have the support you will need. While one person could absolutely run a little garden program, it’ll be so much easier if you do not try to tackle it all on your own.

A successful school garden needs the support of a few key stakeholders in the beginning. More and more supporters will show up as the program develops.

Step 2: Set-up

Once you have established who your key stakeholders will be and how they will commit to the success of your program it is time to set yourself up! You will need to figure out where you’ll be gardening, where to store everything, and what materials to buy.

Step 3: Coordinate the Garden

How to Plan a School Garden

If you are not planning to be the one to work with the kids  in the garden you will need to hire a Garden Coordinator to implement the garden program. The role of the Garden Coordinator will be to organize and maintain the garden program. This person will be excited to share knowledge with the kids attending the program and have a passion to garden.

There are so many possibilities for your Garden Program it all depends on your unique set of circumstances. Be prepared to modify plans as you go along adapting to your unique situation.

Teaching kids how to grow food is one of the best ways you can take care of their futures. It will provide them with so many life skills and a lot of knowledge about nutritious food.

Would you like some more details of how to plan your garden? Please contact me and I will send you your FREE Garden Planning Guide.

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