Homesteading Tips - Preserve Food in 4 Easy Steps

It is evident and the masses will agree that we need to reduce our carbon footprint fast. As a consumer, we have the power. Our buying choices can be fuel to the global pollution crisis or they can be change makers.


One very fun, satisfying and gratifying way to make a wise choice as a consumer is to preserve your food.

Think of enjoying some summer peaches in the middle of winter, or opening a fresh can of tomatoes from the summer garden to go into your pasta sauce. How about enjoying dehydrated pears during the winter in your granola? Or maybe you took a couple hours in September to freeze some corn and are now able to add it to that famous chili of yours.

Preserving Food in 4 Easy Steps:

1) Acquire the Food: You may have a garden which yields abundance at harvest time or you may support a local farmer and buy a case lot.

2) Choose How: Decide how you will preserve your fresh case lot. My top three favorite ways to preserve food are dehydrating, canning, and freezing.

3) Prepare: Gather the necessary items like jars, canning equipment, ingredients, and maybe a helper or two! If you don’t have your own equipment may I suggest borrowing a neighbors? Jars can easily be found second hand as well. When it comes to recipes and instructions, there is a multitude of sources on the internet with video’s and photos to guide you.

Pears After Dehydrating - Preserve Food

4) Preserve and Enjoy: Spend the time to follow through the steps of whatever you are preserving and store away in a cool dark place for winter. It’s as easy as that!

You don’t have to preserve all your food, start small. What’s one thing you love to enjoy in the winter months and cannot find it locally produced so you need to buy it imported? Start with that.

Every single step we take towards creating new habits for ourselves matter. All of us have the power to heal our planet and clean up our mess.

Are you into preserving food? What’s your favourite food to preserve? Please share in the comments below. ⬎

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