Homesteading Tips - An Easy Way to Support Our Environment

JISU is a website that inspires passion for taking care of our environment. It aims to support you on your journey towards contributing to a more sustainable way to live your life. We all have the power to clean up this terrible mess us humans have made of our home.

It’s time! Time that we pay close attention to our daily actions so we can make some changes fast.

Vegetables fresh from the garden

When deciding to take action and make changes in our daily life to reduce our carbon footprint it can be daunting I know. Be patient with yourself and take it one step at a time. Each act no matter how small will create a ripple effect.

There are small steps and big steps we can take to contribute to a more sustainable way of living our lives. The life of a farmer is usually packed with great examples of how we can reduce our carbon footprint. While each of us may not be farmers we can still apply some of the farm life principles to our own lives.

I am certain that the first thing all of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint is to pay attention to our food choices. A huge part of this is eating what is in season and as local as possible. When I say local, I mean that it’s from within a few hours drive from where you live.

We also need to think ahead of what our future needs for food consumption will be. This is where food preservation comes in.

Preserve Food

In the months of abundance (summer and autumn) we can harvest or buy in bulk what’s in season and then dehydrate, freeze, or can it.

Whichever way you choose to preserve the abundance from your garden or a farm you support will sustain our environment, be a fun experience and of course good for you!

Three Ways to Preserve Food:

1) Dehydrating

2) Freezing

3) Canning / Preserving

To learn more about these three ways to preserve food, please read the next article!

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