Fuck Plastic - Reduce Waste While You Travel

When you look at your social media feed the majority of the travel photos you see are of people’s most positive moments. The most gorgeous sites they saw and only their best selfies.

What about all those times in between?

What about all of the not so pretty sites they saw and all of those negative moments that existed between the bliss?

Street Dog Garbage - F*ck Plastic

Be Real

No one wants to be a negative person I get that, but I also think when we share on social media we want to show everyone what a “great” time we are having. It makes total sense.

I’m about to switch it up a little bit - in this article, I want to show you some of those in between moments.

More specifically, I want to talk about plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution


Can we just take a minute to stop and think about all of the plastic we use? Moreover, all of the plastic we throw away?

How about the countries without the infrastructure to “recycle” or throw their plastic into a landfill? What happens to all of it?

I’ll tell ya, it ends up EVERYWHERE. In their streets, rivers, beaches and as plastic fires outside of their homes. Many folks even burn plastic to keep warm.

I have seen some devastating shit on my travels. I am not one to intrude on the locals and take a bunch of photo’s, but please. Take my word for it, there is a plastic problem.

Garbage Pile - Say No To Plastic

So what does this have to do with us folks living in countries with the so called infrastructure to handle our plastic?

We are the ones leading the consumerism. We are the ones buying the plastic and the items made in other countries where it is cheaper labor to do so.

We live in developed economies with so many choices. If our choices can be ones that discourage the use of plastic, why don’t we?

If we can set the bar as a developed country it will help undeveloped countries to head in a more sustainable direction as well. It is almost like we are the big brother or sister to these economies when it comes to consumerism. We need to be good examples and lead with our purchasing behavior.

How can we reduce plastic consumption when we travel?

Fuck Plastic - Reduce Consumption Now
  1. At the grocery stores just don’t buy it. You will survive without it. You are the consumer so be the example and stop ignoring it.

  2. Bring reusable bags to the store

  3. Say no to Single use plastics - Bali is leading this movement after their plastic pollution got totally out of control.

  4. Travel with a water filter

  5. Educate the locals and spread the word “No Plastic”

Plastic use has become our collective bad habit that we just have to kick. It’s time we say FUCK plastic and be the solution.

Have more ideas as to how to reduce plastic consumption when you travel? Please comment below!

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