How I Cleansed Sugar Out of My Life and Detoxed My Body of Candida Overgrowth

I was never the type to advocate partaking in a cleanse. To be honest, I always thought that those who cleansed were kind of silly. I figured that if you wanted to be healthy then you should just adjust your diet and lifestyle to one that aligns with optimal health. I did not think that going on a cleanse to clear out your body made any sense and I wrote off cleansing as some sort of diet trend.

This of course, was before I knew anything about nutrition and the functioning of a healthy body. Now, after my experiences with cleansing I have realized how completely wrong I was.

Yes there are some strange diet trending cleanses that make claims that are clearly lies, but I will now vouch that there are HUGE benefits in putting your body through a cleanse. 

New Growth

All my life I had always had this incessant need to eat food and I always felt hungry. There were even times that I would faint if my blood sugar got to low or I would get really dizzy and feel unable to operate. I went to the doctor for help but he couldn't find anything wrong and told me that I just had a fast metabolism.

I knew in my heart there had to be something else but dismissed the feeling. I decided to continue living life with the dizzy spells ensuring that I always had a snack with me in case I felt light headed.

What I did not realize was that my body was addicted to sugar. My body was caught up in a terrible cycle of using sugar (glucose) for its main source of energy. This is not sustainable for the long term and was causing my health to suffer.

While my body was giving me signals it took a real scream for help to jolt me into doing my first cleanse. I decided to cut sugar out of my diet and clear out my colon.

Cleansing sugar out of my diet allowed me to reset my body and have it use fat for fuel instead of sugar. I am now able to fast and go without food for hours whereas pre-cleanse I would have fainted if I did not have food to fuel me every 2 hours.

My Body's Cry for Help

We must take care of our body so it will grow to become like a healthy forest.

We must take care of our body so it will grow to become like a healthy forest.

At the end of 2015 during the Christmas season I could feel it in my body that I was overdue for some sort of a clearing. A friend convinced me that I should try a cleanse and I told myself that in January 2016 I would go on a super health kick. I vowed to help myself feel better without realizing how serious it was about to get.

Not long after deciding this I was guzzling back a beer, and started to notice that with every gulp of beer I could feel a complete discomfort between my thighs. The beer was undoubtedly creating some sort of a reaction in my body that was pushing out a discharge from my vagina which is what we would commonly call a yeast infection. I had struggled on and off for the past few years with yeast infections and tried everything that doctors recommended with no results, only to have the discomfort back again. 

This particular episode of drinking a beer and getting an immediate reaction from down below was setting off alarm bells and I knew that something had to be done. Something that was beyond the scope of what remedies I had been already using to cure my infection.

Upon my own further research I learned ab

out candida. I realized that I was a victim of candida overgrowth and that I needed to get hardcore on myself to clear it up. I am not a doctor, nor am I certified (yet) in any sort of healing practices but I did self teach myself as much as I could on the subject. I now consider myself an expert on the topic of candida as I have lived through the discomfort and pain as well as cleared it away.

Like a garden, our bodies need regular care

Like a garden, our bodies need regular care

I read through numerous books, online articles, videos and medical papers. I taught myself everything I could possibly find on the subject. I was determined to understand what it was that I had done to my body that created this state of turmoil and disorder. I learned how my entire lifestyle up to that point had festered a candida overgrowth in my body.

I was a culprit of throwing endless amounts of sugar down my throat, taking birth control, antibiotics, anti fungals, and a lack of probiotics. All of this had contributed to a major imbalance in my gut. This imbalance was creating so many problems for me that I did not even realize they were there.

I had merely learned to live with symptoms and navigated my life through the fog.

Upon learning all of this I knew that it was time to take my life back into my control and make some lasting lifestyle changes.

It Starts With Willpower

Only keep healthy Ingredients in the kitchen when cleansing

What I did was cut out sugar completely. How did I do it? I cleared out my kitchen and only had the ingredients on hand that I was able to eat. I stayed home for the first two weeks of my cleanse and barely went out to social settings so that I would not be tempted.

I practiced lots of yoga and drank many cups of tea to make it through the terrible headaches. I stuck to my choice to cleanse making the decision to be faithful by stearing clear of foods that weren't part of the cleanse. I spent the time to rebuild my body and ever since have never felt the same about sugar.

Now when I do consume sugar I easily stop myself because I find what I am eating is to sweet and do not find satisfaction. I also notice how every time after I eat refined sugar my body feels off and my stomach hurts. 

How to Start a Sugar Cleanse. Begin Here!

4 Steps to a Healthier Body and a No Sugar Diet

Step 1: I found a comprehensive list of the food I could eat and completely cleared out my entire kitchen. I only bought ingredients I was able to have on my cleanse. This way I would not be tempted at home and would have to mindfully go out of my way to cheat on my cleanse.

Step 2: Next, I did a vegetable fast for 3 days where I only ate vegetables flavored with salt and pepper and freshly squeezed lemons. The hardest part of these first 3 days is overcoming the loud voice of hunger. Whenever this voice screamed at me I would just eat more vegetables and tell myself how I was getting all the nutrients I needed and that I was stronger then the voice yelling at me to eat more food.  

Step 3: After that, for the next four days I added quinoa and oat bran to the mix. Not oatmeal mind you as this is high mucus forming, but oat bran as it is easier for our body to digest. Adding these foods allowed me to have more energy to face the tasks in my day.

For the entire month of January I did not eat any fruits or even root vegetables as their sugar contents were to high. I practiced proper food pairing and concentrated on helping my digestive system to have a break. It was one of the most challenging things I have done in my life so far. I was the skinniest I have ever been in my life as well as the weakest I have ever felt but it was so completely worth it. moringa

Step 4: As I reintroduced foods back into my life I would only add one at a time and be mindful of how it felt in my digestive system. If it created a reaction or hurt to digest I would eliminate it for the time being and go back to the foods that did not bother me.

The Results

There was a fog that instantly lifted from my being which I never realized was even there. I felt like everything was so clear to me and I felt so inspired to take better care of my body. I learned about how many things over the years I was doing and medications I was prescribed were killing my gut flora and how to properly take care of my body to maintain a positive balance.

I taught myself about nutrition and proper digestion. I also learned about food absorption and how to get the most nutrients out of the food we eat. 

Cleanse Sugar Out

I stayed persistent and strong and knew that if I veered away from the cleanse that I was only cheating myself. I realized that ultimately I had manifested this situation for myself to learn and grow from.

I knew that this cleanse was going to be a life changing experience and that it would open a door that was going to introduce myself to a whole new me. 

I taught myself new recipes as well as tried some out that I found online. I learned about a whole bunch of new ingredients and superfoods including spirulina. I used natural remedies to kill the candida overgrowth and bought myself probiotics to rebuild my gut bacteria into a better state. 

I spent 6 months without even having maple syrup! After the 6 months I had a sip of victory beer but immediately felt a tingle inside so stopped the celebration. With all of the cleansing my body had become super sensitive and if I ate something which my body did not like I would feel discomfort in my stomach straight away.

I read how Candida can create food allergies and admitted that there were some foods I could not have. A lot of people sweeten their desserts with dates, I could not even eat dates as it would cause discomfort.

The Plant that Killed my Candida Overgrowth for Good

After months of diligent food fasting, cleansing and clearing I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to enjoy maple syrup again and be able to participate in social dinner gatherings.

This is when my friend introduced me to Moringa. This was the miracle I needed to get me to be able to enjoy food with friends again. It keeps Candida under control and I was finally able to enjoy foods that I had not been able to enjoy for 9 months!

I was so excited to be able to have maple syrup and honey again without getting a reaction. I now take moringa everyday and I feel it is so special, I recommend it to anyone struggling with candida overgrowth.

Do you have any experiences that you need help with? Please contact me and connect. I am here to support you and would love to share my ideas with you. If you are struggling with brain fog, constant depression, or anger I recommend checking in with your sugar intake.

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