How a Simple Spiritual Practice Can Bring Joy to Your Life

I was raised as a christian and as a child I would attend church every Sunday with my father. In all honesty, I never really enjoyed going to church (sorry dad!) I never understood what the priest was talking about and the songs that were sung made no sense to me. I did however, enjoy the time spent with my dad and I especially looked forward to the free chocolate chip muffin at the end of mass.

Despite my lack of appreciation for mass and that I no longer consider myself a Christian, I am thankful for the foundation of spirituality that it provided me with. The practices that the church carried out were my first experiences at having a connection to spirit and carrying out rituals like prayer and song to the divine.

I will always carry the memories of the rituals of singing and prayer as well as the community that the church created. It was intriguing to know that everyone was coming together to admit that there is something other then themselves governing their life and that they needed one another to celebrate it.

Torquay Australia

The Search for Meaning in Life

Surely at one time or another, you have wondered what the meaning of life is? I myself am constantly asking this question to the point that it can drive me into a type of existential depression. When this happens, I am always greatful for the spiritual practice I have developed and how much it brings me the grounding I need when in a dark place. Do you have a spiritual practice?

Mine involves morning yoga, writing, meditation and mindful practices throughout the day. I also quite enjoy working with crystals, sage, and polysantos to help cleanse and clear away stagnant energy and negative vibes. I started working with crystals when I was quite young, I did not know what I was doing at the time but now I see that I was naturally meditating over the crystals.

Each crystal has its own vibration and can bring that vibration to you to help with whatever it is you are working on. I especially like to wear a crystal necklace to help me find strength in an aspect of my being. For example, I enjoy wearing blue kyanite or sodalite to help me to be a peaceful communicator.

The largest hunk of sodalite I have ever been in the presence of

The largest hunk of sodalite I have ever been in the presence of

The Practice of Positive Affirmations

From a very young age I remember that I would say a prayer at night to thank god for everything I have as well as ask for anything that I may be desiring in that moment. I do not say evening prayers anymore but I do send out my gratitude whenever I can as well as practice affirmations to try to manifest what it is that I desire.

Have you worked with affirmations before? If not, I suggest trying them out as they are very powerful and really work. I feel that affirming positivity in your life is the most simple spiritual practice anyone can indulge in to bring themselves greater joy and contentment. I was introduced to them by "Louise Hay." She is an author but you can also youtube her name to listen to some of her advice. Her knowledge and experience were life changing for me and have helped me through so many times.

It is quite easy to fall into a negative thought patterns and especially the cycle of putting ourselves down. If we are not aware of these negative thoughts they can really be toxic to our well being. The idea with affirmations is that you say out loud (or in your head)  a positive sentence or thought to replace the negative.

It is especially useful to gear our thoughts towards an attitude of gratitude. For example, if I catch myself putting myself down or negatively judging myself I let go of that thought and replace it with "I love and approve of myself." This affirmation was taught to me through a small book written by Kamal Ravikant. It has really helped my rid toxic thoughts from my being and pull myself out of holes that I have created. 

In my humble opinion the reason why affirmations work is because we are the creators of our reality. If we are always saying how much we dislike something, or how we are always sick then this is what we will attract to ourselves. Therefore if we can use the law of attraction to be positive and affirm greatness then that is what will show up in our lives. It is as simple as that. 

The search for meaning in life can be a long pursuit but what I have learned is that it is up to us to create our purpose. It is important that we do what we love and always practice an attitude of gratitude while realizing that we are not separate. Furthermore, it is time to admit our innate human ability to manifest our reality and take the opportunity to thrive!


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