Focus on Activities that Help you Feel Alive and Inspired

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Each day I take the time to do something for my inner peace and happiness. I know how important it is to connect and how much it depends on my sanity.

I have learned how much taking a walk, practicing yoga, or going for a surf contribute to my vibrancy. I will confess though, I did not always set aside time for myself in this way.

I was caught up in an unfortunate cycle of chasing happiness outside of myself as if it were some sort of a carrot dangling in front of me on a stick. 

The break in the cycle did come to me though and I felt the light. It was when I finished university and I tried to participate in the corporate marketing world in Vancouver. I would take numerous contracts and positions but none of them really worked out for me. This lead me to feel trapped, suffocated and completely confused.

I wondered why folks chose to live their life working at a job that does absolutely nothing to full fill them except provide them with the cash they needed to cover their consumerism lifestyle and to give them some sort of a safety net. It wouldn't be years late until I actually understood their madness but nonetheless at that time I knew I had to make some sort of a change.

Realizing that the city of Vancouver no longer had anything for me to help my growth as a human I chose to make the move north to Whistler. I had gone up there a few times in the last couple years of university and wanted to get more of that feeling snowboarding created for me.

When I was on the mountain I felt so completely alive and happy. It was an experience that was comparable to the enchantment I felt as a child.

The idea with my move was that I would try to experience the Whistler snowboard culture and concentrate on really enjoying my life again. I had just spent nearly my entire life in the jaws of the school system and I was determined to live the way I wanted to.

I was ready to let go of trying so hard to conform to the Canadian culture's idea of what a 24 year old was expected to be doing.

Whistlr BC

Finding my Happy Place

Enter the life of a "snowboard bum". I remember a friend telling me I "grew down" after my move to Whistler and I was happy to hear it. Focusing my life around a sport and using the evenings to wait tables to make my rent and pay of student debt made me feel free.

I was finally the happiest I had felt in a long time. I learned how important it is to live each day doing what it is you truly enjoy instead of spending it sticking to a strict schedule of "to do's." 

This was the most liberating time in my life so far, I was meeting all kinds of wonderful people who lived their lives in a completely different way then anyone I had ever met before.

Everyone would spend time talking about the mountain that day and how much fun they had. No one was worried about trying to get married and buy houses and find a job that would provide them with a retirement plan. They were living their lives here and now instead of in the future.

This was a huge realization for me, that happiness was not about having a high paying job but instead setting the time aside to focus on the activity that makes you feel alive.

Have you ever felt trapped in the constraints of your societal expectations? Please comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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