Allow Creativity to Lead You Towards Bliss

Joy and contentment are what I am talking about when I use the word bliss. We all yearn to live in a state of bliss. I feel that one of the paths towards that feeling is to allowing ourselves to practice the skills of our creative side.

Every day, whether consciously or not consciously I do something creative. These accomplishments take various forms and can include, painting a bright image or cooking a colorful meal. Some days are more creative than others but they always exist. I bet you are the same, can you think of something you have done in the last week that you felt was creative?

Dream catchers made by myself with upcycled materials

Dream catchers made by myself with upcycled materials

You Are Creative!

There are many ways that we can act creatively in the moments that make up our day. We are all creative in our own ways no matter how big or small it does exist in you. I invite you now, to connect and celebrate your creative self!

I mean, take a moment now to remember the last action you rendered that was creative no matter how small it was.

Maybe you dressed yourself in an outfit you do not normally wear, arranged some flowers in a vase for your family to enjoy, or perhaps you made a small doodle while on the phone with your friend.

These little acts are you being creative, so acknowledge them and give yourself the permission to do it more often. Start by recognizing the spaces where your creative self exerts itself into your day and commend it for doing so.

Maybe you do not want to be a full time artist but surely you yearn to connect or stay connected with your imaginative self. I am referring to the imagination that children naturally live and breath every moment of their day. We all started in this state and had that connection but at some point we lost it or we “grew up.” 

I realized in my 20's that painting makes my heart sing!

I realized in my 20's that painting makes my heart sing!

I remember this positive and creative state of being. Where anything seemed possible and I never ever passed any judgement on myself after I painted a picture or colored a page from my coloring book. 

What put a halt onto this creative sense of self are from what I remember, older friends and adults in my life that would pass the judgement on my art and make me feel like it was "good" or "not very good." Then there was the way that school would actually grade you on your art. How ridiculous! 

For me, I grew to believe that my creativity would not earn me an income to support myself and I dismissed creativity for the important role it plays in our everyday life.

It wasn't until my 20's that I realized how important creativity was and how much I desperately wanted to practice unleashing that side of myself again. There were people in my life whom I looked up to at that time and wanted to be like them allowing wacky ideas and drawings to flow out of me.

In my attempt to follow those whom I admired I purchased some paints and canvases and I tried painting. I hadn't painted since I was in elementary school but it felt so good to put a paintbrush of color onto canvas.

The feelings that came to me as I allowed creativity to flow were absolutely amazing and I was excited to have made my first step towards being a more creative person.

Let Your Creativity Soar

Since that time, I have spent many hours developing my creative self and teaching myself how to make art. I have sold some paintings and dream catchers and I have always felt so amazing in the moments I allow my right brain talents to soar.

There are times when I dislike what I am working on but always push myself through that negativity and end up with something I am always somehow proud of. I realize when I make art that it is important to fall in love with the process and not get attached to the outcome. Always remembering that others do not see my mistakes and instead feel inspired by what I have made, that is what matters most to me.

This week, I challenge you to try to do something creative. Maybe you can test a new recipe, or cook with a new ingredient. Perhaps you can accessorize yourself differently then you normally would by wearing that funky necklace or shirt you bought ages ago but have been to timid to wear.

You could even get really bold and go buy yourself an adult coloring book and pencil crayons to play with as you watch your favorite television show or listen to music.

Whatever it is you choose to do, suspend all judgement you normally project onto yourself and immerse yourself in the creative process.

 See where it takes you! Want to read more about how to become more creative?

Read this tiny book that I wrote in 2016 to help people increase their creative drive! I outline 14 simple steps to work through on your own time that will help you on your journey.


Thanks for reading! ♡


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