How to Get Through Your Emotional Ups and Downs to Feel Happy

Do you ever experience moments in life where you feel absolutely terrible for what seems to be no reason? Where you are only noticing all of the negative happenings in your life and feel angry or sad and just want to be alone? Maybe it feels so unbearable that you just want to crawl into a cave to hibernate or sleep until the mood goes away?

Well, you are not alone. I have had many times like these and the more I delve into my meditation practice and try to become more a conscious person who is present in the moment I seem to notice these feelings more often.

Bali Indonesia

We all experience emotions and feelings with some being better than others and many of us label our moods as "good" or "bad." I prefer to think of my emotional state as being in an up or a down and I believe that one is necessary in order to feel its opposite. 

What I have come to realize and would like to share with you is the way that I am able to navigate through the down times. If we can practice watching the emotion noticing its existence rather then becoming the feeling and letting it consume us we will find ourselves moving towards a state of balance rather then cycling around in the darkness. 

Uluwatu Temple Bali Indonesia


I am writing this post while in Bali, Indonesia. It has been inspired by the past week of my emotional ups and downs as I try to figure out how to deal when I feel down. I would like to create a better state of balance within so that I do not get stuck in a cycle of negative emotions. 

Within my first week of being in Bali I was completely blissed out. Every single sight, sound, and smell was helping me to feel complete gratitude for my surroundings. Since the moment I heard about the country and all of its grandeur, I wanted to go and experience it. I felt so lucky to finally be experiencing the wonderful country of Indonesia. The culture, the people and the vibe was everything I ever dreamed of. 

Like every hill climbed however, there is the down afterwards. The climb down from the top of the hill does not need to be a negative one, it can just simply be the way down back to ground level. It can even be viewed as a positive route with a lowered heart beat and different perspective on the path you took up.

How to navigate through emotional ups and downs. Feel Better Now

I would like to say that the climb down is not a negative thing for me, but it really is. It seems like every time I feel happy it is as if I have to even out afterwards with a low. I am trying my best to understand these lows and do what I can to not get saturated in the darkness.

In trying to decode this cycle I notice myself whirling on what might just be the exact problem of it all - overthinking the feeling. Noticing the feeling is one thing, but it is the letting go of that feeling that I seem to struggle with. It is my goal now and in the upcoming days of my life to notice the feeling, accept it, and then place my attention onto something else, a positive idea of gratitude perhaps.

Whatever we give our attention to is what is amplified. Therefor if we keep asking why we are sad and how we got there then more of the sadness is what we will feel.

Do you have these lows after you feel so happy and excited? How do you deal with them? For me I turn to yoga and meditation. It keeps me grounded and clear and I am able to connect with source. 

The low in this case came to me once the allure of the bliss wore off and I started to see the negative side to the country. The garbage, some of the not so nice people and the way that people seemed to hustle me because of my skin colour and possible income I could help them to gain. Once in this negative spiral it can be hard to get out. If you choose to see only negative and dwell on its existence then that is what you will see. 

While in the low feeling I have been trying to focus hard on what is is that helps me to feel bliss What it is that helps me to feel excited. What it is that I felt when I first got here. It seems as though it is my nomadic blood that gets excited with adventure and being in a new place.

Choosing to see the positive first and then evening out with negative after. A completely normal way to be, this is duality. Without one we cannot experience the other. I am trying to accept myself but feel so guilty and down that I am being negative and not excited about my current situation.

Throughout this process I am however asking myself some deep questions and I know within that this is the point. Lessons are being taught that I must step back to see. I have come to realize that non-duality is the essence of what I need to seek. the expression that we are not separate from the experience nor the surroundings.

Every moment in life we are being given signs, signals, cues, or whatever you want to call them. Some may call them coincidences, I believe they are synchronisities. Just at the exact time I needed to get some sort of a mind shift my brother gave me a free month to an ap he has just got into and liked. It is named "Headspace." I gave it a go and really like the starter pack.

I decided to try another pack about "depression." I am in the middle of it right now and it is absolutely amazing and helping me to decode exactly what it is I need to in order for me to create the new neural pathways in my mind to help me in times where I may feel depressed and anxious. It is giving me the tips and ideas I need in order to not allow myself to become consumed and swallowed up by the down times.

At the same time a friend sent me this video by Jim Carrey in which he really gives some amazing advice. If you are ever feeling depressed, please watch it.

The advice I have pulled so far from these and really wanted to share with all of you is that it is essential to "note" the feeling and consider the feelings to be like the weather. They are there and they exist, but will pass just as a rain cloud passes.

In addition to noting, is the importance of practice. Whatever your practice may be, or maybe it is your outlet. This always brings us back to source, back to the place of rest and connection.

Uluwatu Temple Bali Indonesia

In addition to learning about noticing feelings and reminding myself that they are like the weather I am still absolutely intrigued by the locals around me. I am talking specifically about the Balinese Hindu's.

The way in which the Balinese Hindu's devote themselves every single day to their blessings and small rituals has given me hope. I am studying the way in which they go about their day to day ritual and really admire their devotion. They are setting an example for me and reminding me how important practice is.

Their consistency of ornate decorations, plentiful temples, shrines and carvings are perpetually indicating their dedication to their practice.

Balinese Hindu

No matter how you feel, whether it be up or down, always set time aside to spend time on what creates your bliss. I really recommend meditating. The simplicity behind returning to your breath is absolutely the best form of healing. The breath is what we carry with us all the time, from birth until death it is there for us.

It is about choosing your path and what thoughts you allow to occupy your mind. I am vowing to devote myself to living in bliss and staying the watcher. Not to become consumed by the ups and the downs but to instead accept them and allow them to pass.

I hope that my experience is able to help you through whatever time you might be going through right now, and if you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Thanks for reading ♡


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