Challenge Your Comfort Zone and Get Motivated to Start Your Journey

Have you ever felt really nervous to try something new? You were unsure of how it would work out but you went for it anyways. After you completed it, you felt really great and happy that you had tried it out?

This my friend, is called challenging your comfort zone.We have all been there and hopefully continuously put ourselves there again and again. As I grow older it is my goal to remind myself of this and challenge myself often. However, I did not always have this view. 

Changing things up always makes for an exciting journey!

Changing things up always makes for an exciting journey!

Conditioned to the life of the average Canadian I grew up believing what most of us are told, to go to school, get a job, get married, have kids and that is the way to having a happy life. At the age of 20 I realized a harsh truth, that idea of happiness was some sort of a hoax and it was not what was going to make me feel happy.

The adults in my life had no idea what they were talking about the entire time and were going through their own lives half asleep and numbing themselves with their daily routines which are in my eyes downright boring.

The Search for Something More

Perhaps a lot of folks are happy conforming to the "dream" and they truly enjoy their lives but I decided it was not for me. I set out in search for something more and to feed my soul.

At that time I was living in Toronto attending school and decided I had better at least finish school to keep my parents off my back and to have some sort of purpose driving my life other then exploration. However, I see now that the real reason for staying in school that it was my way of playing life safe and sticking within the comfort zone of the Canadian culture's blueprint for a happy life. 

West Coast Canada


Live your Life for You

I transferred to a University in BC and moved myself across the country. Although I was sticking to the comfort of attending school I was still creating a challenge for myself with this big adventure. I hoped that this change in scenery and some west coast culture was going to help me feel better and figure out what actually constitutes a happy life. 

It was the beginning of my awakening into the happenings of someone who is living a life for themselves and not for others. This is important you see, that you do things each day and in every moment because you want to do them and not because you feel like you have to or that it is what you need to do when in fact it is someone else's projection onto you.

It takes confidence to do this and a whole lot of patience with yourself as well as looking at yourself and your actions. I am still working at this level of confidence as it comes and goes but I definitely live my life the way I want to and not the way others expect me to and it sure feels good.

The Top of a Waterfall


One Step at a Time

I spent the next few years completing my degree and then explored the province of BC. I was moving around on my own, getting new jobs on my own and not really staying in one place for very long. These experiences really helped me to continuously challenge my comfort zone and grow through each challenge.

When I was in Toronto conjuring the idea of moving across the country I had no idea how anything was going to work out or what would happen to me. Once I made the move everything fell into place.

Trust the process and the magic of life #inspiration

Every time thereafter that I decided to make a change and move or switch things up in my life it got easier and easier. I always trusted that everything would work out exactly as it should and that all I needed to see was the next step.

Since then I have lived in numerous cities and towns around BC, travelled to England, Ecuador, Australia and Hawaii. My next destination is the Philippines and I am excited for the adventure that awaits. All of my adventures always start with stepping into the unknown. The space where I do not know what is going to happen because I have never done it before.

To me, challenging the comfort zone is essential to ones growth as a human. A surefire way to grow and learn at an exponential rate is through travelling. It is the absolute best way to quickly learn about oneself and gain experience about other communities and cultures.

I have especially found that travelling alone helped to humble me and open my eyes to the fact that the way I was raised to do everyday things are not necessarily the only way of doing things.

With that said, please be advised that to challenge your comfort zone you do not need to do something drastic like moving across the country and travelling to far away places, this is just one example from my life.

You can challenge your comfort zone today by something as simple as trying out a different route to work or attending a class or workshop that you have never attended before. 

Small acts to mix it up are the key to growth and awakening the soul from doing the mundane day after day. Have you challenged your comfort zone lately?

Thanks for reading ♡

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