Create a Morning Ritual to Inspire Purpose into Your Day

It is up to us as individuals to create our purpose. There were times in my life when I forgot this important aspect and found myself going in cycles of existential depression. I would ask myself what the point of life is and not feel inspired to participate.

Every time however, I am blessed with some sort of reminder. It's that sliver of light that always shows up to help me correct the negative cycling mindset. It illuminates the need to come back to earth and regain focus.

The very thing that helps me to regain my focus is at the very start of my day in my morning ritual. It brings me back to source energy and helps to set my mindset up in a positive space.

Morning Ritual

Although many of us do not enjoy being on a strict schedule, most will agree we do enjoy a bit of a routine. My favorite routine is my morning ritual. I feel like I am an all around better human when I conduct my morning ritual and feel off kilter if I am unable to complete it.

Some days I enjoy 2 hours of my ritual whereas other days I shorten it to 20 minutes. Either way, it helps me to create balance and restore me to my center. Being grounded is as aspect of myself I like to focus on as it feels good when I do.

Start your day with a positive mental attitude

My morning ritual consists of enjoying a glass of water promptly upon awakening. I then immediately think of anything I am greatful for before I put my feet onto the ground.

Even if the thought of gratitude is being able to breath, it is key to feel the appreciation. The way it makes you feel first thing in the morning will set you up for a positive day. After this moment of reflection I like to have a warm drink, practice yoga and write in my journal. 

After I enjoy some quiet time I really like to get outside to do some exercise. I used to go for a run first thing, or snowboarding, but now it is to go for a, bike, morning walk or surf.

Even if the activity is only short, getting some adrenaline and endorphin's pumping really helps me sharpen my attitude and feel good for the rest of the day. If I am unable to immediately get outside to enjoy the fresh air I do my best at some point in my day to do so. 

This ritual is simple, and it has been sculpted by myself over the years. I I formulated my ritual by taking notice of the better mood I would be in all day if I performed certain actions in my morning.

When I realized that it is up to me to create a morning ritual to help bring grounding and order into my life it was a huge lightbulb that switched on and I am very greatful. Do you have a morning ritual? 

How to Create Your Ritual

Start your day off in a positive mindset

If you are looking to create more of a morning ritual, start by reflecting on what it is you already naturally do. Decide if those things bring you joy and grounding or if they could be tweaked. What else would you like to add to your mornings?

Maybe you would like to get up and be active, write in a journal, or drink more water. Go along and brainstorm your ideas by writing them down. Ask yourself, "What makes me feel motivated and positive?"

The idea is to give yourself an idea of what it is you would like to be doing in your mornings. Writing it down can help to organize your thoughts and help you see how simple it can be. As you conduct a brainstorm of possibilities be mindful to allow yourself to write anything down and not pass any judgement onto yourself.

Next, look at your list and narrow it down to which activities you envision will help to manifest the most balanced day. Create a "schedule" for yourself timing out how long you would like to spend on each. It is also a good idea to formulate some rules for yourself to help you adhere to your ritual. For example, "No checking the internet until 10am."

The schedule does not need to be followed exactly each day, it is merely a guideline to help you see what it is you would like to accomplish within your ritual and how long it may take or how long you are hoping to spend.  

I have also realized it is very helpful to set out a time you would like to awaken the following day to ensure you have enough time to complete your ritual.

Start small and on a manageble scale, keep it simple. Over time it will develop into an important aspect of your being.

          Do your best to follow your schedule for 5 days in a row and see how you feel!

Thanks for reading! ♡


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