Practice Yoga to Add Purpose and Meaning to Your Life

Are you wondering if you should try a yoga class out? Curious as to if it will be worth it or not?

What is living life like a yogi all about anyways? 

Yoga is an inspiring practice which will help to uplift your being

Yoga can be seen as a fad or a trend if you live in the west. In many ways it has completely blown up and taken the direction of some sort of "in crowd." You know who I mean, that crowd that walks around with their yoga mat slung over their back, their hair in a high bun, and they're wearing the latest style of leggings while carrying a bottle of kombucha.

The truth is, that yoga is actually an ancient practice and way of life that has been around much longer then any sort of trend that has seemingly popped up.

The trendy wearing lulu lemon wearers are a good sign to me though. It tells me that people are trying to connect their mind back to their body and that they are interested in living a more authentic life.

It takes one to know one though. I don't have lulu lemon pants but I do wear leggings and practice yoga daily. In a time where we seem to be bombarded with distractions, I am very thankful for my own personal yoga practice. The ways in which it has helped me over the years is astronomical. My practice has shaped me into an all around better human who is more calm, practical and aware.

I originally started to practice regularly as I thought it would be a good workout and I really liked the way yogi's looked. They had slim bodies and a relaxed nature about them, maybe I wanted to be a part of that "in crowd" deep inside too.

While my motives started out in a space anchored within the ego, little did I know how much yoga would become a part of my daily life. It has created a path within my being and personal care. I feel dedicated to learning more about yoga philosophy and the various ways in which we can adopt it into our lives.

Philosophy you ask? 

Yes, philosophy.

There is much more to yoga then back bends and stretching the body. It encompasses a way of life and existing has a human on the earth. It emphasizes the connection to breath, the food you eat, the way you treat other people and the earth. In my experience so far, the more I practice the more this way of life naturally comes to me.

Practice yoga to help live life with more purpose and meaning

Yogi's believe in eight limbs of yoga that when practiced help one to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Using as a reference, these eight limbs of Yoga are:

1. Yama - focuses on behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life

2. Niyama - focuses on self discipline

3. Asana - the postures in yoga practice

4. Pranayama - focuses on the breath

5. Pratyahara - focuses on withdrawing to step back and take a look at ourselves

6. Dharana - focuses on concentration

7. Dhyana - focuses on meditation

8. Samadhi - a state of ecstacy

So, as you can see the practice of going to a studio and getting all bendy are only a small part of living life like a Yogi. The third limb of yoga, asana is the postures that we practice in the studio or at home.

There is a strong feeling of groundedness that comes about while practicing the sequences of asana. The feeling of "oneness" that we are all craving deep down inside are easily felt with asana as well.

I absolutely recommend asana to everyone of all ages and physical capabilities. There is no right or wrong way to do your postures, as every single person is different. You may go to a teacher to help you train but what it comes down to is what feels good for your body and thus being your own teacher is the key.

Have you tried to practice yoga? How did it make you fee? Please let me know by commenting below!


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