9 Helpful Life Lessons I Learned In My 20s

My 31st birthday is coming up in about a months time. As the day approaches I find myself being reflective of the past decade of my life. So much has happened for me and many new experiences have occurred. I learned a whole heap of lessons in the past 10 years and I want to share some of them with you. Hoping that the insight can inspire you in your own life. 


My 20s were brimming with experiences which are sure to have laid a solid foundation for the ones yet to come. I had a totally nomadic lifestyle, moving became a frequent occurrence for me and I started my journey as a world traveller. A huge happening for me was living in Australia for more then a year in a van (read more here.) 

My 20s began with me moving across the country to finish university which was pivotal.  The move marks the beginning of me waking up to my own ignorance.

Life Lessons

After I was finally finished with university I tried a whole miriad of jobs and ventures. Most of my ventures failed or did not work out which was frustrating to say the least. I like to think that the mistakes are part of the experience that makes me that much wiser of a human.

Through all of my failed attempts I did however, learn a slew of lessons which have already helped me to make more informed decisions. I know the lessons I picked up in my 20s will continue to guide me in the decade to come.

I had many fun times, sad times, crazy times and all the while the experience of life never stopped teaching me lessons. Oh the school of life, I've compiled a list to share with you of the top 9 things I have learned in my 20s:

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9 things I learned in my 20s


1) Dance Your Pants Off

Dancing creates well being and helps to initiate and form a connection to fellow humans. In addition, you are moving your body and feeling the sound waves which can sooth your personal vibration.

I attended many music festivals in the last decade to realize that no matter what differences someone may have from another, including possible language differences, they can still listen to the same song and completely jive off it.


2) Choose Your Relationships

Surround yourself with people you admire and whom inspire you. Let go of toxic friendships and relationships. So what if you have been buddies with that person for years? if they don't treat you how you would like your friends to treat you then let them go.

This point also includes the relationships at work. If you cannot distance yourself from an extremely toxic relationship in the workplace maybe its time you consider a new position. It may seem silly to make such a drastic change but trust me, the anxiety that negative vibe sending people cause you is not worth it.

When we step up and decide to only focus on fostering relationships which uplift us we are practicing self love and this the most enriching life experience we can allow ourselves.


3) Food Is Your Lifeline

Food is medicine.  These past few years I attained a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and I am dedicated to knowing more. Did you know that if you eat clean, it will cure you of ailments and change your physiology? Its true.

Paying attention to where your food comes from and putting in the effort to connect with your food is so vital. I can go on for hours on this subject but I will instead leave it at that for this article.


4) Define Your Boundaries

Boundaries need to be defined. There is nothing wrong with communicating to others what you are ok with and what you are not. Some folks will just keep taking from you if you let them and it is up to you to tell them when by saying "no" or I "can't." It is ok if you cannot do it all, This lesson is so valuable to me and I am still trying to master the best way to  practice it within my life. 


5) Trust Your Inner Guidance

Trusting in the universe or "source energy" to always guide you towards your higher purpose. In all of the experiences, you may not be feeling like you are doing the exact thing you wanted to be doing but you are learning a set of lifeskills which prepares you for future instances, jobs and opportunities. 

Practice Self Love

6) Significant Other Means Your Partner

Partnership is the foundation of a successful romantic relationship. I experienced a great shift from being posessive and controlling (or being posessed and controlled) to seeing myself as a total and whole entity coming together with another whole entity to create a very special force.

I started dating at a very young age and always wanted to find "the one." It seemed like I would never succeed and now that I have found him, I notice this lesson regarding our partnership.

I recommend taking the time to get to know yourself and what you enjoy, practice self love and truly focus yourself in that space. If you are single, this practice will bring you your match I'm sure. If you are partnered it will help you to have a better functioning relationship from the heart instead of a place of ego.

Working together and building a true friendship can only happen when we love ourselves first.


7) Debt Isn't Your Life Sentence

Oh wow... let me tell ya, what I mess I got myself into when some corporation decided to give 18 year old me a credit card! Then there was that line of credit I attained from the bank to help me pay for school, and then there were those additional credit cards I opened just because I was offered them.

I racked up a whole hill of debt acting foolishly and figured that it was ok to do so as that what society promoted. I was "establishing good credit" and "debt was ok as long as you managed it." Well I didn't manage it. I stopped paying the bills on time and was completely irresponsible. I bought unnecessary things on credit and even took a vacation to south america on my credit!

It has taken me a few years, but I've finally gotten my finances under control and payed my student debt almost completely off. Savings have been developed and I've planned out better budgeting. It feels great and I'm feeling like a responsible adult.

If you are in debt and feel like there is just no way you will ever get back to zero switch those thoughts to the opposite. Set up a payment plan to stick to and focus on prosperity! Visualize yourself being wealthy and you will watch the wealth manifest before your eyes. Trust me, and more importantly trust yourself. You deserve it! 


You Deserve Wealth

8) Act With Confidence

Everyone feels awkward and shy, some people more then others, but trust me everyone has those moments. If you find yourself in a room full of people who are not talking to one another and staring at the ceiling or whatever they can to avoid one another eye contact be the spark. Share your knowledge and start a dialogue. If your thinking or feeling a certain way chances are there is someone feeling or thinking exactly what you are.

If you are that confident speaker, take a moment to notice another whom may not express themselves as openly as you do. Try to connect with them or bring them into the conversation, you might just make a new friend!

9 Life Lessons I Learned In My 20s


9) Practice Your Truth

Small acts and steps into the direction you believe in. Sometimes nothing comes about it and other times a random door swings open to reveal a glorious offering.

Be who you are and feel good about who that person is. Authenticity and true to who you are at your core. Shine bright! Only one you manifesting in exactly the manner your presented in and you are brilliant!


I now feel so much wiser and sure of myself, I look forward to the next decade of life's schooling.


Thanks for Reading ♡ 

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