4 Tips on How To Get Involved in Your Community and Start Volunteering

Do you volunteer in your community? Have you thought about volunteering but do not know where to begin? Maybe you want to, but are worried about taking on another responsibility and overextending yourself. No one wants to spread themselves thin with all of their commitments but volunteering can actually be only a small amount of your time that can make a big difference. 

Community Involvement Includes Hanging Out with Kids!


Volunteering and getting yourself involved in the community where you live or are visiting is a decision you will be sure to thank yourself for afterwards. In my opinion it is the most rewarding and enriching experiences I've included in my life so far.

There are many levels to which you can choose to commit to community involvement whether it be short term or long term, for an hour or a few hours. Only passing through a town for a short time? Perfect. There are so many options and believe me, to those you are helping they will appreciate some help over no help.

Volunteer While Travelling!

Community involvement not only benefits the people and community in which you are serving, it will be sure to benefit you as well. If you choose to volunteer at something you are truly interested and passionate about it is likely that it will start you down a road of self discovery or shape the discovery you are already experiencing.

4 Tips on How to Get Involved in Your Community

How to Start Volunteering

1. Define What

What is it that you are interested in doing? List out what you would love to volunteer your time for. This is unpaid work, so you want to make sure you truly enjoy it. Don't worry about what your mind thinks is possible, just have some fun here and brainstorm all ideas even if they seem wacky!

2. Choose the Timeframe

How many hours per week do you want to commit? can it be a weekly thing? or maybe you can only volunteer once a month. Think about how it can work into your schedule. There is also the option to volunteer at an event that happens only one time. This way you are able to help but it is only for that day for an hour or two and then bam! Your good deed is done with just as fast as it started.

3. Make Contact

After deciding on the framework of your perfect volunteering position do some research. Talk to people and check out what volunteer opportunities already exist in your community.

If there aren't any volunteer spots that fit your framework find a company or organization that does what you would like to help with. Contact that organization and see if they need any help.

Often there are possible volunteer positions and they are just not advertised. The company you contact may also be able to give you some leads on other organizations which fit your dream volunteer position.

4. Reflect and Check in

After you find something suitable and give it a go be sure to check in with yourself.  How did it make you feel? Reflect on what you liked, or did not like, and if there is anything you would like to change.

If you did enjoy the time you donated to a cause you deem worthy, reflect on what it was you enjoyed and hope to do again.

The absolute worst scenerio is showing up for a volunteer gig that you were not happy doing. Be honest with yourself, if the position did not work for you, graciously quit the gig and find an option that suites you better.

No hard feelings involved, just the chance to learn about yourself and others!

Volunteer While Travelling

Has anyone else had really good experiences volunteering? Please share your story with me by commenting below!


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