The 5 Components of Wellbeing

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How do we manage our wellbeing? How do we take care of ourselves on the daily so that we may show up for life bright eyed and excited?

We can start with understanding the elements of wellbeing.

I did a little research on the subject to learn about this fantastic book by Tom Rath which I would love to read. Has anyone read it yet?

Tom Rath explains that there are 5 essential elements that make up wellbeing. As you read through each element think about it in your own life and ask yourself:

  • How is my wellbeing in this element?

  • How can I improve it?

  • What can I do to strengthen its positive presence?

5 Elements of Wellbeing

1.  Career Wellbeing—how you occupy your time and liking what you do each day.

2.  Social Wellbeing—having strong relationships and love in your life.

3.  Financial Wellbeing—effectively managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security.

4.  Physical Wellbeing—having good health and enough energy to get things done.

5.  Community Wellbeing—the sense of engagement and involvement you have with the area where you live.

Life is our very own masterpiece that is always in the making. There is always something for us to be working on and wellbeing is a daily practice. I notice how I cycle through each element of wellbeing holding my focus on improving that certain element. Sometimes there are more then one being focuses on at once but it can be easier to choose one and actively focus on it.

Only a month ago I returned back to Canada after months of travelling and I also moved across the province.

India - Coffee.JPG

At this moment in time, I am in the mindset of starting my new Career as a Virtual Assistant. While this is my main focus right now, every other element is also in the forefront of my mind. I feel like there is a lot work for me to do and it can be overwhelming!

However, having a clear understanding of wellbeing and what makes me feel happy has me dedicated and ready to work on each element.

What do you feel when you read these 5 elements Tom Rath listed?

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Want some tips so you can improve each of the components of wellbeing in your life? Next week I will post an article with some ideas for you!

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