Self Love - The Answer to Every Problem

Recently I've been focused on the practice of self love. Along with my practice lessons have emerged or perhaps they were always there... I realize the more I practice, that I am not the only one who NEEDS to be practicing. 

We all do.

How to Begin to Practice Self Love ♡

The collective consciousness is in so much pain. We are all here together and yet many of us separate ourselves from the pack. We choose to deal with everything on our own thinking we are the only ones feeling that way. 

Whenever I choose to open up about my pain, I immediately find comrades who feel the same way. This is why I feel it is imperative that I share some of my realizations with you in hopes of helping you through and onto the bridge of self love and self acceptance.

Begin The Journey of Self Love

You are not alone. Everything you need is within you and those moments you feel hatred towards yourself are times we all experience. However I invite you now to acknowledge your pain and begin the journey of moving through it.

Move through it by actively practicing self love.

I've come to some realizations that self love is essential for experiencing a positive existence.

Once you begin the journey it may seem hard but that's just it! The beginning moments of it being hard are giving you the immediate chance to practice patience with yourself!

Brilliant isn't it?

Once you cultivate more and more patience within, your ability to notice when you are treating yourself shitty become more and more oblivious.

Notice when you have shitty mean negative inner dialogue with yourself. When you do, please try not to get mad at yourself. Instead, allow yourself to notice the negativity and create a thought that praises something about the situation instead.

By praising something you are enabling positive reactions in your body.

One consciousness - Love Everything

Treat Yourself Right

All around me and within myself, I see and hear the clues of our collective conscious beating itself up. How's about we all decide to give it up already? Let's start treating ourselves with the same love and respect we give to our pets, kids, and whatever else it is that makes you burst with joy.

Let's try something, imagine your face or look in the mirror.

What do you see?

What do you feel? 

Now imagine a puppy, or a baby animal you love. What do you see? What do you feel?

Was there a difference there?

What was the difference?

Likely when you thought about yourself you listed some flaws, problems, or things you want to fix. Whereas when asked to picture your favourite animal you likely felt a warm fuzzy feeling emit from your heart. Is this true for you? If so, its REALLY time to make a solid effort to practice self love.

How to Practice Self Love

How do we practice self love? There are endless possibilities which include doing anything small and simple or big and complex that benefits yourself. Yes you! you deserve it.

For example, maybe you can choose to take yourself for a walk or to enjoy a fresh nutritious meal. This is self love in its simple form. Nothing complicated, just straight up, doing something nice for yourself. 

It's like, when you first meet someone and you want to impress them, you go out of your way to do nice things for them. Pretend that someone is you, take the time to impress yourself.

Self love can also be in the form of exercising, meditating, or getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Really, it is doing whatever makes you happy and allowing yourself time to do it. 

Practice self love! This means doing whatever makes you happy and allowing yourself the space to do it.

Create Loving Thoughts 

Self love also lives in the mind. This is the more complicated side to self love but TRUST me it is worth sifting through the complications. Once you organize your shit even just a little, it is much easier to keep your mind and thoughts clean. Especially because when a crappy vibe does pass through your mind, you'll be able to notice it more easily. After you notice it, pick it out to examine for a moment then let is pass.

The first step is starting though.

So how?

Well.... when I asked you to think about yourself what were some of your negative thoughts or emotions that came up? 

Flip 'em. 

What I mean is, if you said: I'm ugly Flip it to: "I am one of a kind" or some sort of positive affirmation that allows your brain to create a new neurological pathway for a new thought habit to form. 

Another example is when your out in public or hanging out with whomever and you say something and immediately judge yourself after and say "F*ck I'm so stupid! Why did I say that?!" 

Notice it, and flip it.

Instead think something like: "I am wise with words" or whatever you hope you could improve on.

Do you get my gist?

When we practice self love and watch our thoughts it creates a positive foundation for ourselves to grow into our best selves. We need to be our own best friend.


Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences with self love?

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Thanks for Reading ♡ 

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