How to Practice the 5 Components of Wellbeing

In my previous post I introduced you to the 5 components of Wellbeing that Tom Rath explains in this book. In this article, I want to inspire you to practice improving them!

Before I do, I want to admit something to you… I haven’t even read Tom’s book yet! Kinda kooky right? I came across a review of his book while doing some research and got super inspired. The review outlined the 5 components of wellbeing and I vibed with them. Read them below and let me know what you think?

Feel Inspired

1) Career Wellbeing

What is your paid contribution to society? Do you enjoy it? Do you feel full filled? If so, move along to the next component my friend! If you you just answered no then it is time to switch it up!

Yes we all need to make money but we do not need to spend our days hating what we do!

If money wasn’t part of the picture, what would you do?

Picture it.

Now ask yourself how you can take steps towards doing that? Is there a club you can join? a course you can take? a book you can read? Anything that helps to get you closer to that vision is what you need to focus on.

Don’t even worry about it making money for you yet. Just start to take steps towards doing what you actually WANT to do.

When you take these small steps, your telling the universe what you want. You will start to attract your dreams to you, and the magic will begin. New opportunities, people, and circumstances will start to show up in your life.

With time, the path will become clear as to how you can transition from your day (or night) job as your source of income to your passion becoming a source.

You deserve the way you earn your income to be one that makes you feel lit up!

Career Wellbeing

2.  Social Wellbeing

While some of us are more outgoing then others, all humans are social. What is your social life like? Are you happy with the amount of time you spend being social? Do you have friends whom you enjoy a balanced relationship with? Do you wish you were more social? Less social?

Check in and be honest with yourself.

If you are looking to be more social, create a goal and a plan of action surrounding your social life. It can be something small like saying hello to more strangers on the street. You may also do something a little more committal like sign up for that sport’s league you were noticing advertised.

We are as strong as those whom we support in life. Whether it be a simple supporting social act like saying “hello” or if its goes a little deeper to cheering on our team mates. We need one another and it is important to share experiences.

3.  Financial Wellbeing

Money cannot be the sole creation of what makes us happy no, but it does help! The sooner you can admit this, the sooner you will become financially free.

Jen Sincero

We all do not need to become millionaires but if we want to participate in society we need to take care of our responsibilities concerning money.

When we take care of our responsibilities it feels good right? Feeling good generates a happy feeling right? Get what I’m putting out?

So check in and ask yourself: How are you financially? Do you feel free? Are you in a good place and taking care of your responsibilities? Or are you ALWAYS struggling and just cannot seem to get out of the negative cycle?

What do you with you could improve with your habits surrounding spending and making cash?

Every single person has the inherent right to always having access to everything they need including access to financial freedom. It is all about your mindset and being real with yourself.

What is your relationship like with cash? Could it use a makeover? May I recommend this book to you, it REALLY helped me out and my mindset with regards to money. It is called, “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.

Take control of your finances my friend! Your future self will thank you. The piece of you that has been in denial of how money has nothing to do with your happiness will be free!

5 components of wellbeing

4.  Physical Wellbeing

Fitness, nutrition and optimal health are at the top of my wellbeing game. In times where I have felt the pain of depression, or in a negative mood, I get outside and active. The darkness seems to melt away. Do you feel this way too?

Do you eat well? Exercise daily and feel energized?

Exercise is a healthy addiction, even just a 20 minute walk outside in the morning will leave you feeling grounded and ready to take on your day with more ease then if you did not make the time for that walk.

Personally, I’ve gone through so many fitness and food phases in my life as it’s an ongoing practice. At one point I even cleansed sugar completely out of my diet! Read about it here.

If your exercising daily but still feel physically off pay attention to where exactly your food comes from. Try not to buy anything processed or that has weird ingredients in it. Eat fresh, locally and ethically sourced food for 1 month and you will feel the difference!

The food we eat and the exercise we perform is an INSTANT show of proof how much it effects our wellbeing. Do you have health and wellness goals? What are they? How can you take action right now to put yourself on the track of achieving your goals?

5.  Community Wellbeing

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, us humans need one another. Taking care of one another, is also taking care of ourselves. Feeling involved, needed and like we are a part of something more then just ourselves feels amazing.

Do you engage with the people whom you live around? Try it out today, say hello more often or stop to help someone you see struggling. Notice how that small act of kindness makes you feel. For me, I feel my heart melt a little bit and a sensation of safety surrounds me.

Are you involved in the community in which you live? If your answer was no, may I recommend you try to get involved? Maybe there is a one off volunteer opportunity you could look into. If you want more ideas of how to get involved in your community read this post.

When we contribute to our community, we are telling the universe what kind of a place we want to live in. Our intentions for the greater good and inclusiveness for all mean we are acting for the wellbeing of the whole. When we care for the whole, we care for ourselves.

Have anything you would like to add? Please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading! ♡


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